Farrah Bourke-Freund | Métis-Cree


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Farrah Bourke-Freund | Métis-Cree

Farrah Bourke-Freund’s story starts at Caribou Island, where her grandfather was born. He came into the world with the assistance of his grandmother, who was a midwife. Farrah descends from a long line of midwives, starting with her great-grandmother and down to her mother and aunt. Serving in a remote place called Caribou Islands, the women used the knowledge and wisdom of their time to work together without the modern comforts of special equipment, access to medical centers, or even running water. This Métis-Cree family lived on the land in Northern Alberta.

A Salt River First Nation member, Farrah is Indigenous to the Northwest Territories in Northern Canada. She and her husband live with their six children in Fort Smith, NT. Their lives are busy homeschooling five of their children, caring for the newborn, operating a business, and volunteering in their community.

Farrah draws strength and inspiration from her family matriarchs and is eager to carry on the family tradition of midwifery. She honors her ancestors by giving back to other women from her lived experience of preconception, prenatal, and postpartum care. Devoted to the calling of birthwork, Farrah contributes her wise presence and steady voice to the powerful energy within birthing spaces as a doula and coach.