Nathalie Pambrun | Métis


Pîsimoyâpiy Iskwew
Rainbow Woman

Tribal Nation



Nathalie grew up in a large family that believed a strong Métis Nation was made of strong Métis families. They confronted the challenges of poverty, discrimination, and identity using the principles of autonomy and resourcefulness. Nathalie’s ancestors, the Franco-Manitoban Red River Métis, lived in the fork of the Assiniboine and Red River. They were born, gathered, paddled, traded, worked, danced, sang, and died at this place. It is here that Nathalie, their partner and three children live.

A midwife for 20 years, Nathalie has practiced primarily in Winnipeg on Treaty 1 territory with urban Indigenous teens and newcomers to Canada. In the fall of 2022, they relocated with their family to Victoria, British Columbia, as a guest on Lək̓ʷəŋən territory.

Nathalie is a founding member, former co-chair, and National Aboriginal Council of Midwives staff member. They have been instrumental in building unique partnerships between the Canadian Association of Midwives and NACM midwifery associations that respect self-determination, reciprocity, and humility. In their capacity as the first Indigenous president of CAM, Nathalie’s contribution focused on including Indigenous governance principles and prioritizing a national strategy centered on equitable access and trauma-informed and anti-racist approaches as core competencies and skills of Canadian midwifery.

For the first time ever, Nathalie is working with another Red River Métis midwife in their new practice at Foundry Victoria Youth Clinic. Together, they are reclaiming their full scope of care, providing care to youth who are coming of age access to local Elders, and passing on teachings related to roles and responsibilities, wellness, and healthy relationships. Their work also centers on supporting life-givers with mental health and substance use issues to navigate health and support services safely.