Samantha Leclerc | Inuk



Tribal Nation



Nunavik is one of four Inuit homelands in Canada. It is an expansive land comprising the northernmost portion of Quebec, above the 55th parallel. Samantha Leclerc lives in Salluit, one of the fourteen Nunavik villages. She is a mother and Inuk midwifery student.

Samantha’s journey into midwifery is a testament to her growth and progression. It began when she accepted a position as a postpartum aide at the local maternity clinic, where she provided support to new mothers for a year. During this time, Samantha’s admiration for the midwives’ knowledge and expertise grew, sparking her desire to pursue midwifery.

In 2020, Samantha applied for a student midwife position and started the job immediately. She is glad she chose Inuit midwifery and will graduate in the summer of 2024. She is blessed to learn in her home community with a team of Inuk Midwives in a hands-on approach and does not have to leave her family and culture for her education.

Samantha credits her family’s support as she nears her graduation goal. She hopes to see an expanded clinic with more staff who support women’s choice in how they birth their babies.