Meet Circle Two
Meet Circle Two

The Spirit Aligned Leadership Program welcomed a new circle of Legacy Leaders in 2019, during its Spring Gathering at Santa Ana Pueblo in New Mexico.

Apply Online NOW
Apply Online NOW

The Spirit Aligned Leadership Program is now accepting fellowship applications for Circle Three.

Meet Circle One
Meet Circle One

The Spirit Aligned Leadership Program welcomed Circle One in the fall of 2017.

Cultural Atlas—Circle One
Cultural Atlas—Circle One

Learn more about the sisters of the inaugural circle in the Spirit Aligned Legacy Leader Program.

Spirit Aligned Leadership Program

The Spirit Aligned Leadership Program elevates the lives, voices, and dreams of Indigenous elder women who are working to heal, strengthen, and restore the balance of Indigenous communities and the world. 

Legacy Leaders are connected knowers and co-creators empowered to identify their values, inherent purpose, and experiences in self-determined ways for the benefit of their people, their communities, and the sustainability of the worlds we hold up.  They are the courageous matriarchs who engage deeply in their communities to find solutions for better futures. 

Circles of Legacy Leaders are supported with a fellowship and individualized support to increase their personal and public sustainability.

Through its work with sixteen Legacy Leaders, the Spirit Aligned Leadership Program identified intergenerational knowledge transfer as an essential goal. 

To achieve this goal during a pandemic, we envision a bold new path that bridges the wisdom and experience of elders with the courage and contemporary solutions of younger indigenous women.  

The new program design has evolved into a partnership between an elder Legacy Leader and a younger Future Legacy Leader. These partnered fellowships will initiate in 2021.  

Each circle will consist of eight Legacy Leaders and eight Future Legacy Leaders working closely with Spirit Aligned to achieve intergenerational knowledge. We envision another circle of similar design for 2022, with the intentionality of facilitating a trajectory of indigenous women’s knowledge across the world. 

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Fall 2020 News
In 2016, Faith Spotted Eagle won a single vote in the electoral college, which came as a shock to her. She wasn’t running for president....
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The Possible Bag
By Katsi Cook, Spirit Aligned Leadership Program Executive Director Recently, a friend asked me about the possible provenance of this beautifully beaded bag that had...
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Thelma Whiskers | Estilo | Ute Mountain Ute
Thelma Whiskers was raised by her grandparents and parents in the Ute way of life. From them, she learned two Native languages, Ute and Navajo,...
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Jennie Seminole Parker | Otse’eme | Cheyenne
Jennie Seminole Parker (Northern Cheyenne) is from the Tongue River area of Ashland, Montana.  Her Cheyenne name, Otse’eme, translates into “Brave Woman.” She is a...
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Faith Spotted Eagle | Tunkan Inajin Win | Dakota
Faith Spotted Eagle is a mother, grandmother and matriarch who protects and defends the sacred.  She was born into this role, having her entire community...
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Maxine Wildcat Barnett | gOlaha bOshET | Yuchi
Born to Yuchi parents and raised on her father’s allotment in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, Maxine Wildcat Barnett learned to speak English at public school but was...
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