Our Intergenerational Indigenous Women’s Sisterhood Circles

Elevating the lives, voices, and dreams of Indigenous Women

The Intergenerational Indigenous Women’s Sisterhood is a year-long, paid program, or Circle, that facilitates the sharing of cultural knowledge between Indigenous Women Elders and younger Indigenous women. Each annual circle brings together Indigenous women elders–Legacy Leaders–who have acquired unique cultural knowledge over their lifetime and desires to pass on her knowledge and ensure their healing power, knowledge, and traditions are shared across generations.

Today, we are witnessing a resurgence of our ways across the Indigenous world as younger generations seek out traditional knowledge and wisdom for contemporary challenges. We are also at a critical time, aggravated by the pandemic, where the generational transfer of traditional life skills and cultural world-views are in jeopardy. 

Our goal is to honor and support Indigenous Women Elders who seek to impart traditional knowledge to younger Indigenous women, who will, in turn, help their communities develop the tools to seed and live cultural values and practices that are integral to perpetuation of their peoples and homelands.


Spirit Aligned Leadership remains committed to Indigenous women Elders, our Legacy Leaders. They are connected knowers, empowered by living their values and experiences in self-determined ways for their people, their communities, and the sustainability of the worlds they hold up. With compassion and love, they are uniquely positioned to assist the world in meeting today’s complex challenges. 


Legacy Leaders are Indigenous women who have much to offer. Future Legacy Leaders are young women committed to sharing and transferring Indigenous ways of knowing. She can prioritize aspects of her Legacy Leader’s knowledge and experiences and adapt it to solutions for today’s contemporary challenges. Most importantly, she can envision and strategically implement a bold collaborative path forward.


Help us spread the word and grow the community of Spirit Aligned Indigenous Women Leaders! We’ve created this outreach toolkit with messages you can use to share via text message, social media or email.


Executive Director Katsi Cook, Program Director Gail Small, and Social Distance Powwow leader and Future Legacy Leader Jessie TakenAlive Rencountre to discuss Spirit Aligned Leadership.

Spirit Aligned Leadership: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can family members apply together for this intergenerational leadership program?


2. When will I be notified of my application status?

All applicants will be notified of their status by end of April 2022 by email.

3. Will I be notified even if I am not selected?

Yes. All applicants will be notified by end of April 2022 by email.

4. I applied to this program before. Do I have to apply again?


5. Can I submit a paper application?

No, everyone must apply via the online Submittable platform, which has technical support therein.

6. Are Legacy Leaders required to participate in certain events?

SALP will not require in-person gatherings or events, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  You will be required to communicate and participate with SALP and the other Legacy Leaders remotely via on-line and phone.

7. Are Legacy Leaders required to sign a contract?

Yes. Legacy Leaders and Future Legacy Leaders are required to sign a contract with responsibilities and deliverables that we work with you to make it happen.

8. Are there restrictions on how Legacy Leaders can use their leadership funds?

Only for the supplemental project funding of $50,000. This is a leadership sisterhood. The funds are not a grant. Each Legacy Leader and Future Legacy Leader is responsible for any and all income taxes.

9. When do I get my payments?

  1. The Legacy Leader receives $75,000, distributed in contract payments over one year that are contingent upon successful progress of the knowledge transfer project.
  2. The Future Legacy Leader receives $50,000, distributed in contract payments over one year that are contingent upon successful progress of the knowledge transfer project.
  3. To implement the knowledge transfer project, the partnership is eligible to receive project support funding up to $50,000 during the one-year sisterhood.
  4. Payments go out approx. 4 weeks after all required paperwork is submitted.

10. Can Two-Spirits apply?

Yes. We encourage Two-Spirit Indigenous women to apply.

11. Do I have to pay taxes on this money?

Yes. Spirit Aligned will provide access to a Certified Public Account, at no cost to you, however, each person’s tax situations are different, and our staff cannot provide advice on your specific tax questions. 

12. What is the time commitment? 

This is a one-year leadership program that requires you to devote time and attention to deepening the relationship between the Legacy Leader and the Future Legacy Leader. It is important that you have the time and passion to wholeheartedly engage in this unique leadership program. We expect the Legacy Leader and the Future Legacy Leader to be working together at least 40 hours each month. Additionally, staff and consultants will be communicating with both of you to help you make your project happen.  You are each required to work with SALP in our efforts to gather program information that documents and communicates your sisterhood experience via video interviews, podcasts, photos, social media, evaluation, etc.

13. Can I apply if I am an elected official?


14. What will I gain from this sisterhood?

  • Opportunities to deepen your relationship and knowledge
  • Ability to pass on important knowledge to future generations
  • Focus on healing and wellness