Our Program

The Spirit Aligned Leadership Program exists to elevate the lives, voices, and dreams of Indigenous elder women who are working to heal, strengthen, and restore the balance of Indigenous communities.

An inaugural circle of eight Legacy Leaders will be supported in a three-year commitment with the balanced goal of empowering and impacting individuals to increase both their personal and public sustainability.

Legacy Leaders are connected knowers, co-creators empowered to identify their values, inherent purpose, and experiences in self-determined ways for the sake of their people, their communities, and the sustainability of meaning of the worlds they hold up.

Legacy Leaders are found among the Elder women who have stood up for generations of our peoples by living and creating effective practices that braid the symbolic dimensions of Indigenous ancestral wisdom and cultures into the contemporary life of our families, communities, and nations. We seek to honor and empower the authentic character, knowledge, and trajectory of our living Elder women—a source of leadership and strategy for our future generations.

Katsi Cook, Director

Circles of Legacy Leaders will be supported with resources so that they may inspire and impact a larger, more public audience across interrelated focus areas: Violence against girls, women and the earth; Leadership of Indigenous girls and women; Indigenous cultural expression; Healing from historic trauma and oppression, and; Indigenous education.

The core intent of this new work is best described in the words of Jennifer Buffett, NoVo Foundation co-President: “… so that what lives deep within our Indigenous girls and women and Mother Earth can connect and come forth now in these extremely critical times…

The Spirit Aligned Leadership Program has its origins and its continuity in the many thoughtful conversations at NoVo Foundation, whose principals and staff we gratefully acknowledge for their ongoing support that now includes fiscal sponsorship at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.