Our Inspiration

The Meaning of Spirit Aligned and Legacy Leadership: Cultivating Sisterhood

The name Spirit Aligned came from the symbolic perspective and goodness of a field of standing cornstalks; from the beautiful design and alignment of the kernels on each cob as well as the neat rows of corn themselves. The spine of the stalks and kernels are “lined up” distinctively from one another in a repeating pattern.

Mirroring the beautiful and unique designs of ears of corn are the lives of Indigenous women. Their spirits are aligned within their homeland and peoples in distinct patterns of knowledge, wisdom, and service. 

Women of the Six Nations Iroquois were the planters in our old societies.  The Three Sister Complex—corn, beans, and squash—our Life sustainers, are a model of mutual support. The plants reflect the ways Indigenous women value working together in mutual support, helping one another.  Through the life cycle of the plants and the lives of the women we behold the beauty and strength in sisterhood.

This idea of cultivating sisterhood through the generations is at the core of Spirit Aligned Leadership philosophy. Spirit Aligned recognizes the legacy of knowledge and experience that Indigenous women carry. These legacies can impact the lives of young women today and those yet unborn. From these beliefs, Spirit Aligned seeks to create a circle of Legacy sisters.  

Spirit Aligned Leadership Program is an opportunity for eight North American tribal, First Nations, and Native Hawaiian elders to take time to dig deep into the earth of their own being. Jennifer Buffett, co-president of our partner NoVo Foundation says: “So that what lives deep within our Indigenous girls and women and Mother Earth can connect and come forth in these extremely critical times.”