Laws for Living in a Good Way

In the beautiful territory of the Gitanyow, Debbie Good understands how to live on the land and with the community in a good way. She passes on the traditional laws of her people. Cheyenne Morgan weaves these traditions into her family life and subsistence practices. View Debbie’s profile View Cheyenne’s…

Tradition and Art Heals

Residential School brutally interrupted Julia Trennert’s life. Returning to her people and land on the Arctic Slope, she recovers the strength of her Native identity. Her granddaughter Miranda works alongside her, renewing lost art as they make a traditional parka. View Julia’s profile View Miranda’s profile

Bringing Our Stories Out

Bringing stories and language back gives Karma and Shaquoyah hope others will connect again with who they are. While they gather with their people in person, they leverage technology creatively to document and share traditional knowledge. View Karma’s profile View Shaquoyah Rae’s profile

Our Language is a Gift

On the Rocky Boy Reservation, a grandmother and granddaughter bring their gifts together to create opportunities for learning the Cree language. Minnie is a knowledge keeper, and Kaylene is a gifted young artist. They are building a beautiful legacy. View Minnie’s profile View Kaylene’s profile