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 Miranda Taureau is a member of the Fort Norman Metis Settlement Region in Western Canada Arctic with ancestral ties to the Alaska Slope Inupiat. Miranda was born in Inuvik, NT the oldest of three siblings and was raised in Fort McPherson, NT by her Gwich’in grandmother Ida. At an early age, Miranda learned from her grandmother Ida to be patient, to work hard, be self sufficient and help raise her siblings. Due to large geographic distances, Miranda and her siblings rarely visited with her paternal grandparents though they were always supportive of her. She continues to learn Inuvialuit, Gwich’in and North Slavey through apps when she has free time.

In the Fall of 2018, Miranda moved to Fort Smith, NT to attend college where she achieved an Office Administration diploma and currently lives with her husband Alexie. Miranda gained experience working within the community at the local elder’s care home and at the Education, Culture and Employment office. She is currently working at Aurora College as Admissions Officer where she enjoys helping students prepare for the school year and participating in events for staff and students.

What excites Miranda about the Spirit Aligned Sisterhood is learning from her elder, Grandma Julia about her ancestral history and family history. Grandma Julia has always been a strong leader who Miranda could speak freely with and who would encourage Miranda in anything she put her mind to. Miranda did not have an opportunity to learn about her paternal grandparents. Grandma Julia has travelled, shared, displayed, and spoke about her culture, her art, and her volunteering. Miranda is excited to learn and explore life together with her Grandma Julia which she has longed for and to learn about the Inuvialuit/Inuit side. She plans to take in as much knowledge as possible to transfer knowledge to her siblings, her two young boys, nieces, and nephews and the younger generation. In her spare time, Miranda enjoys spending time with her family and siblings, sewing, beading, cooking and hearing elders’ stories.