Fall 2020 News

In 2016, Faith Spotted Eagle won a single vote in the electoral college, which came as a shock to her. She wasn’t running for president. She was taking her daughter to the airport Monday when she got the news in a message from a reporter.

“Ojibwe people, we believe that when you’re making something, if you put your thoughts and hope into a bundle that you are creating, that we can actually send love and respect into the future.” – Sharon Day

“When we made a position to protect the arctic national wildlife refuge…it was like a rebirth of the whole Gwich’in Nation.” – Sarah James

Our Homes Ourselves

Nora Naranjo Morse recently had her artwork shown at the Hearts of Our People Native Women Artists exhibition. This is what Lenora said about this piece “ I took just a few photographs of pieces that particularly struck me but this is just a tiny representation of work on view.”  

Dotah’s House

Jan Longboat welcomes us into Dotah’s House where the door is always open to listen, learn, heal, and laugh. In this issue, Jan shares teachings about our relationship to the sustenance of the earth, Indigenous slow foods, and her on-going cultivation of Indigenous seeds, medicines, and food.

100 Years After Suffrage, Native American Women Still Fighting to Vote

Louise Herne stated “women of all nations, step into your inherent authority, without apology. You’re a doorkeeper to life: Choose a leader, and legislate the full power of recall.” Read the full article:

An Elder’s Perspective on Indian Education in Montana

Hosting Dr. Mann, a lifelong champion of Indian higher education, with her knowledge and expertise will be refreshing for our students and faculty as we navigate a pretty surreal time.

95th Birthday Video

Celebrate Maxine Wildcat Barnett’s 95th birthday. The Yuchi Language created a video of community members wishing Mazine a Happy Birthday in the Yuchi language.

Honoring Our Grandmothers Voices

Yellow Bird traditional storytelling welcomes back elder, historian, Spirit Aligned Legacy leader, and Northern Cheyenne Grandmother Jennie Seminole Parker.

COVID-19 & Indian Country

Former Executive Director of Tewa Women United and San Ildefonson Pueblo Elder Kathy (Wan Povi) Sanchez shared ways to face COVID-19 with culture and resilience.

Leader Shift: A Southwest Road Trip for Students

In southeast Utah, a few miles away from the only conventional uranium mill in the United States, a group of young people listened to Thelma Whiskers talk about her long fight to protect her community. Read the full article:

Community Corner

On This Spirit  Walk

This book is written by our Legacy Sister, Henrietta Mann. This book is a resource for small group study within the local church. 

Reclaiming Tom Longboat

Jan’s husband, Gordon Longboat’s father is a cousin to Tom Longboat. The book recounts the history of Indigenous sport in Canada.

Lakota woman

This is a memoir by Mary Crow Dog-Brave Bird. She describes her childhood and young adulthood, which included many historical events associated with the American Indian Movement.

All My Relations Podcast

Episode 9: Can our Ancestors Hear Us, features our Legacy Sisters Henrietta Mann and Thelma Whiskers. Indigenous languages and the work that’s being done to revitalize and promote Native languages are discussed

Life is a Festival 

Episode 70: Grandmother Teach me Patience, features our Legacy Sister Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook. She discusses our current cultural moment and what is being asked of us.

Haida Gwaii Talks Coronavirus

Episode 1: Features our Legacy sister Dr. GwaaGanad Diane Brown. How to protect yourself, your family, and your community are discussed.

Congratulations to SALP’s Executive Director Katsi Cook for receiving the Celebration of Nations Outstanding Achievement in Empathic Traditions.