Fostering Connection Between Generations

Ashley Gregoire • Sxʷxʷlikwm

Virginia Gregoire • Skʷilmtnalqs

Okanagan | Okanagan Indian Band Reserve | British Columbia

In this heartfelt interview led by Spirit Aligned Program Director Gail Small (Northern Cheyenne), Virginia and Ashley Gregoire of the Okanagan Nation share how they are fostering connections between generations of women and others within their communities. In capturing stories of the journey from girl to matriarch, while stressing the importance of respect for one another and for one’s self, these powerful leaders hope to inspire many Indigenous women to look back into their cultural roots. The pair are advocating for cultural revival through sharing elder’s teachings on the stages of life and kinship knowledge, creating a model of language fluency potential, and demonstrating how traditional language can be a tool for healing.


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