Holding On To The Gifts Of Our Grandmothers

Erica Elijah • Kahnekiyóstha

Olive Elm • Watahíne

Oneida Nation of the Thames | Ontario

Legacy Leader, Olive Elm (Oneida Nation of the Thames) has worked for her community’s Language Center for 30 years, served 12 years on the Oneida Band Council, and persevered in keeping her traditional language strong even when she was punished for speaking it in school. Olive understands the importance of keeping the Oneida language alive and flourishing. She encourages Future Legacy Leader Erica “Kahnekiyóstha” Elijah (Oneida Nation of the Thames) and other young women to celebrate the passion of language revitalization.

Erica has been studying the Oneida language for the past six years, teaches the Oneida language within the community, and has been working closely with Olive to strengthen her skills even more.

“Without language, you can’t learn your culture.” – Olive Elm


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