Native Value Systems and the Path to Becoming Midewiwin

Sharon Day • Nagaamoo Ma’aingen

Asabiikone-zaaga’iganiing | Bois Forte Band of Chippewa | Nett Lake, Minnesota

Sharon Day reflects on growing up on the Bois Forte Reservation in Minnesota – being in recovery, getting her spirit name, and eventually becoming part of the Midewiwin, the Grand Medicine Society. An activist, writer, community organizer, and a “water woman,” Sharon is an agent in fostering change and healing. She talks about walking the length of rivers with healing prayers and songs, while also empowering young people to explore justice issues through theater. In recognition of her life’s work, the Governor of the State of Minnesota, and the mayors of both St. Paul and Minneapolis named November 10, 1998 Sharon M. Day, Day.


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