Born into a Sacred Life

Meet Legacy Leader Levina Wilkins and Future Legacy Leader Leslie Swan, both of the Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation. These powerful Indigenous women highlight the importance of being connected with one’s own body, mind, and culture. Levina and Leslie both stress the significance of life as it…

We Walk Side by Side

Meet Norma Rendon (Oglala Lakota) and Jessie Taken Alive-Rencountre (Hunkpapa Lakota). The pair emphasize that the connection Indigenous women have to the Earth is something to be celebrated and cherished. In recognizing the power Indigenous women hold, Norma and Jessie are developing a community garden and are building access to…

In a Good Way – Honoring and Supporting Women through Ceremony

Faith Spotted Eagle shares her dedication in restoring a traditional woman’s society she learned of from her grandmother. Her initial efforts working with other Lakota grandmothers established the White Buffalo Calf Woman’s Society, the first American Indian women’s shelter. Through years of supporting women and girls dealing with trauma, Faith…

Winter Count

Winter counts are pictorial calendars or histories in which tribal records and events were recorded by Native Americans in North America. This particular winter count provides key events in Henrietta’s lifetime.   View Henrietta’s full profile >  


Fathers is a powerful spoken piece of stirring images of Lenora Naranjo Morse’s own father. The words shared serve to teach the value and reverence held to Fathers and their teachings. View Lenora’s full profile >